Imagine Dragons' Dan Reynolds Appears in Anti-Smoking Campaign

January 24, 2018
Imagine Dragons' frontman Dan Reynolds appears in a new anti-tobacco campaign video for Truth Initiative. Related: Imagine Dragons Share First Look At New Documentary "I grew up worshiping Bob Marley and Kurt Cobain and the posters were all over my walls, and I feel like a lot of these musicians who’ve passed on, I can’t speak on their behalf, but I think a lot of them if they could...would do all that they could to change the face of this industry as one of substance abuse," the singer told Billboard. "I’m down for everything else with rock and roll -- the spirit of it, the sex of it, I love everything about [it], except the drug use. And cigarettes seem to go hand in hand with rock and roll aesthetically, and this needs to change. This needs to stop." The spot is set to air during the GRAMMYs this Sunday, Jan. 28 on CBS.