Jack White Releases New Song 'Corporation'

January 26, 2018
By Jon Wiederhorn Jack White has released "Corporation," the third track from his upcoming album Boarding House Reach. Related: Jack White Bans Phones at Shows for '100 Percent Human Experience' The song is a raw, bluesy garage-rocker that starts with booming drums and continues with Latin percussion and swinging guitar and keyboard counter melodies. Spare, heavy power chords, layered guitars, hand claps and galactic noises flesh out the mix. There are no vocal melodies in "Corporation." Instead, background cries of "Who's with me?" surface between jam sections. Halfway through the song, White shouts out seemingly improvised lines like, "Yeah, I'm thinking about starting a corporation" and "I'm thinking about taking it all the way to the top/ Who's with me?/ Yeah/ Whoa." White previously released "Connected By Love" and "Respect Commander" from the new album, which is scheduled for release on March 23. Boarding House Reach is the follow-up to White's 2014 release Lazaretto. Listen to "Corporation" below.