81-Year-Old Says 'Lots of Beer' Is the Key to Coping Without Electricity During Coronavirus

March 26, 2020

On top of dealing with the ongoing spread of coronavirus, residents of a Massachusetts town had to contend with not having any electricity.

A storm caused a large tree to crash into a transmission line and knocked out power to homes in Hull, Massachusetts in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

With many people working from home and stocking up on frozen food amid a statewide state-at-home order, crews worked for hours trying to restore power.

In the meantime, residents scrambled to keep their supplies from spoiling and tried to manage anxieties while navigating the temporary blackout.

But one 81-year-old woman seemed unbothered and appeared to have the situation completely under control when approached by a reporter for WCVB.

“They are home with no lights, no power. The kids can’t watch TV. I’m fine. I’m 81 years old. I’m just going with it,” said the iconic woman while sitting behind the wheel of her car wearing disposable gloves.

She then revealed her secret weapon for getting through these trying times.

“Lots of beer in the fridge,” she confessed like a true legend.

WCVB general assignment reporter Matt Reed tweeted the clip with the caption, “2020 got you down? Take some advice from this queen.” All hail!

It took 12 hours, but power was eventually restored to the town.

As of Wednesday, Massachussetts has reported 1838 confirmed cases of coronavirus, with at least 15 deaths, according to the state government.

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