The Killers Tease New Album With Apparent Song Titles

October 9, 2019

The Killers’ work on their follow-up to 2017’s Wonderful Wonderful is slowly but steadily progressing.

Without comment, the Las Vegas band posted what appears to be a tracklist or working song titles on social media. There are 13 titles written in teal on a whiteboard followed by various notations in red.

There are check marks next to “Blowback,” “Party People,” “When Dreams Run Dry,” “Dying Bread,” “Caution” and “Man + Women,” possibly indicating those songs have a better chance of making the album, but only the band knows for sure.

The other titles on the list are: “Spirit of Mystery,” “My God,” “Running Towards,” “Fire + Bone,” “Just Can’t Quit,” “Mirage” and “C’est la Vie.”

The post comes nearly six months after The Killers shared a similar photo, and interestingly enough, none of the presumed song titles on that list appear on the new list.

The Killers also posted a picture last December that simply showed the band back at work in a Utah studio.

The Killers’ forthcoming sixth studio album does not have an official release date or a title, but frontman Brandon Flowers has said he thinks early 2020 is realistic.