Mark-Paul Gosselaar Says Watching Himself on Old Episodes of ‘Saved By the Bell’ Is ‘Torturous’

September 3, 2020

Mark-Paul Gosselaar is not a huge fan of his early work.

The 46-year-old, who rose to fame as Zack Morris on “Saved By the Bell,” recently launched a new podcast entitled “Zack to the Future,” in which each week he dissects an episode of the classic ‘90s series.

While for many rewatching SBTB is a guilty pleasure, Gosselaar, who co-hosts the podcast with Funny or Die's "Zack Morris Is Trash" creator Dashiell Driscoll, has found the process of revisiting his performances to be “torturous.”

“I feel like it’s a little bit torturous every week for me to go through this process because I am watching my work — and it doesn’t matter that it’s 30 years old, it’s still something that I feel like I can improve,” he told Variety. “There’s moments where I’m talking with Dashiell and I say, ‘My timing is off there, if I had just done it this way I bet I would have gotten a bigger laugh.’”

For all you Zack superfans, Gosselaar did acknowledge that he might be being especially hard on himself.

He added: “But that’s just the perfectionist in me, which is why I don’t like to watch my work: I feel like I should leave it on the set.”

Gosselaar will be able to show the evolution of Zack Morris as he reprises the role for the upcoming reboot of the series on Peacock.

The revival had been filming earlier this year but had to shut down production due to the coronavirus pandemic in March. The series ramped up production again last month.

“The date we were given [to return to set] was August 10 and I would have bet my house that we never would have made that, but we did, and I have to say we all feel safe — as safe as can be,” Gosselaar told the outlet. “We’re being tested every day and the protocols are pretty good. I think all of us are pretty comfortable.”

Last month, a trailer for the reboot was released which featured original stars Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkeley.

While Gosselaar didn’t make an appearance in the clip, he plays a pivotal role in the reboot. The premise revolves around a culture clash when low-income students are sent to Bayside High and other schools in the area at the advice of California Governor Zack Morris.

Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, who portrayed Kelly Kapowski, will also be featured on the reboot.

Peacock has yet to announce a premiere date for the “Saved By the Bell” revival.

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