OpenTable Allows You to Reserve Times to Go Grocery Shopping

April 15, 2020

OpenTable wants to help you grab groceries safely and efficiently.

With the coronavirus pandemic impacting how people shop for food, OpenTable has remained flexible in the services that it offers.

The app, best known for helping customers make reservations at restaurants, has rolled out a reservation system for grocery shopping.

Users can reserve a time to either go grocery shopping or pick up their groceries.

You can also choose to receive a text message when it's your turn to go to the store.

With many stores only allowing a certain amount of people in at a time, OpenTable is allowing waitlists. According to their website, “instead of standing in a physical line to get into a store, simply enter a code on your phone to join an online waitlist. Then wait for the notification in a car or down the block away from any crowds.”

The goal is to eliminate long lines at supermarkets, make grocery trips more efficient, and help control crowds to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus outbreak.

Currently, the app feature is mostly available at specialty grocery stores and shops in San Francisco and LA.

OpenTable announced the feature on Instagram, writing, "Fewer crowds and fewer lines means better social distancing, which is how we can all work to stop the spread of coronavirus."

Other reservation platforms like Resy are also shifting their service models in light of the outbreak. Their focus remains on takeout.

According to the website, “Resy’s reservations ticketing feature allows restaurants to package ‘takeout meals’ for their guests to book online. This functionality gives guests another option to safely enjoy meals from restaurants, and it gives Resy’s restaurant partners another way to reach customers.”

Any shoppers and shop/restaurant owners who want to take advantage of OpenTable and Resy’s features can do so for free.

If you want to grab your groceries on your own, apps such as Gizmodo and OpenTable also have a feature that allows you to check how busy a grocery store is before heading out. Another app called OurStreet Supplies utilizes existing technologies to give live reports and updates of what items are currently in stock at your local store.

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