Summer Is Here and Your Mask Is Sweaty: Here's What to Do About It

June 11, 2020

    As the hot summer months approach, those who are still coronavirus-conscious may be wondering what wearing a mask in the sweltering heat will be like. Well, CNN has some pointers for how to survive the hot months and still stave off the virus.

    Why your mask may be making you hotter. If you feel suffocated under your mask, it's probably trapping too much heat. Find a place where you can socially distance and take it off until you cool down. Continue to wear your mask in crowds, and hydrate frequently. If you can, add a cold, wet towel to your face and neck.

    Avoid extreme heat if possible. "If you must go outside, you might want to avoid going out when it's really hot," epidemiologist Anne Rimoin says.

    Pick a breathable mask material. Cotton masks are the most comfortable and breathable. Ideally, they will fit "snugly but comfortably" against your face, and are also washable, but will hold their shape.

    Make sure your mask is on correctly. If you're still having trouble breathing with the mask on in the heat, make sure you're wearing it correctly before you remove it. It should be snug against the sides of your face but loose on the inside so it won't obstruct your breathing.

    Bring a spare in case your mask gets sweaty. A wet mask can obstruct breathing, so have a spare ready.

    Wear a mask when it's necessary. The outdoors is safer than being inside, and pools and beaches are generally safer because it's easier to socially distance, and water isn't thought to harbor the virus. You can't wear a mask in the water, so just keep it nearby and put it back on when you get out. 

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