Blink-182's 9 Biggest Songs of All Time

#1 may surprise you

March 15, 2020

Blink-182 spent the summer of 2019 partying like it was 1999. They celebrated the 20th anniversary of their landmark pop punk album, Enema of the State, by playing it live on tour and released their highly-anticipated new album, Nine.

Mark Hoppus said the band from Southern California wanted to take risks and experiment on their first LP in three years, but it also included their trademark sound on tracks like “Darkside.”

For Blink-182, that sound dates back to the mid-‘90s when they released their debut album. Their upbeat, melodic, distorted tracks have landed them on the Billboard Alternative Songs chart 21 times. 14 of those entries cracked the top 10, with 3 going to #1.

Here’s a look back at Blink-182’s biggest songs of all time ranked by number of weeks on the chart.

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