Happy Birthday, Billie Joe Armstrong! The Song Green Day Has Played Live the Most

They've performed this track at least 917 times

February 17, 2020

Billie Joe Armstrong is turning 48, which is usually 72 in punk years. Or something like that. But Green Day and Armstrong have rewritten the rules. Any thoughts that the Bay Area band might have had a shelf life were put to rest right around the time they released the Uno!, Dos!, Tré trilogy in a span of four months in 2012. There’s always more songs.

The stellar Revolution Radio followed in 2016, leading to another brand new album from Green Day this year: Father of All…. And there’s more. Green Day is teaming up with Weezer and Fall Out Boy for the Hella Mega tour that will hit stadiums across the country this summer.

Green Day can always be counted on to perform multiple songs from Dookie, their smash breakthrough album that soundtracked college parties from coast to coast in the mid-‘90s. Nimrod, American Idiot and the newer albums are also usually well-represented in concert.

So what song has Green Day performed live the most, at least during their mainstream years? Check out the countdown below.

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