'The New Normal': Walmart CEO Predicts How Coronavirus Will Change the World

May 6, 2020

Walmart CEO Doug McMillion is weighing in on the ways COVID-19 may reshape our daily lives.

McMillion shared his predictions on how coronavirus will change the world and retail industry in comments made to Business Insider.

He said that the virus has expedited changes that started before the COVID-19 outbreak. McMillion shared that shoppers wanting to pick up and ask for delivery would "become the new normal."

"This is just speeding up the significant change the retail industry was already undergoing," McMillon said. "Before this crisis, we already saw a robust adoption of online pickup and delivery in our business."

As for things getting back to normal, McMillon said people will have seen the benefits of delivery and will continue to use it. The CEO said it would become part of the "new normal."

McMillion said the pandemic had highlighted the importance of supply chains across the United States. He encouraged more collaboration between governments and industries.

This pandemic has also affected the roles of retail workers as they work on the front lines of the crisis.

"We've come to expect them to be there in a way we never have before, and they have risen to the occasion," McMillon said.

A store in Massachusetts has closed down after 81 employees tested positive for coronavirus. Officials said that the Walmart Supercenter in Worcester, roughly 50 miles outside of Boston, was shut down to undergo a deep cleaning following the positive infections.

The store's COVID-19 cases nearly quadrupled in less than a month. The first case was reported on April 8, and at the time of shutdown, only 23 employees tested positive. The number jumped by Sunday, May 3, as 58 more workers tested positive, bringing the total to 81 and counting.

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