Watch Incubus Answer Questions in an Exclusive FANDEMIC Instagram Live

Brandon Boyd shares some magic from the band's new EP

April 21, 2020

Brandon Boyd of Incubus joined RADIO.COM for an exclusive FANDEMIC Instagram Live on Friday, answering questions from around the world and discussing the band’s new EP, Trust Fall (Side B).

Talking with RADIO.COM's Nicole Alvarez, Boyd discussed how some of the tracks on their new collection came together, and what he makes of the world right now in this unique time.

"Today, I'm feeling relatively optimistic about the world," Brandon begins, knowing that everything is always evolving, including our current circumstances. "This is definitely the strangest experience that's ever been in my life. I think that probably goes without saying for almost anybody in the world right now. None of us ever had to shelter-in-place before. None of us have ever been out of the job to this degree. This is rivaling the great depression."

"Social distancing and all of these terms didn't exist six, seven weeks ago. It's remarkable," he continues.

"I've always had an ethos in my life to try to learn how to exist in a relative uncertainty and find an ability to operate and sustain under uncertainty, cause really the truth is - this is where we can get deep if you want - the truth is life is uncertain and life is ephemeral. So if we can learn how to play and to thrive in uncertainty, I think that there is a really valuable takeaway from this. Among other things we can takeaway, one of them is the opportunity to be uncertain and to not be terrified."

Trust Fall (Side B) is the sequel to the band’s 2015 EP, featuring the previously released “Our Love” and “Into The Summer.” It’s the first new set of songs from the group since last year’s 20th anniversary celebration of their double platinum album, Make Yourself. It’s also their first release since 2017’s album, 8.

"We really essentially started writing the record in 2014, when we did 'Trust Fall (Side A)'" Brandon recalls. "Both 'Into The Summer' and 'Our Love' - a lot of the music and some of the lyrics and stuff as well were written in 2014."

"It wasn't that we liked other ideas better. We were just sort of working on 'Our Love' and then another idea would come in and just sort of push it off to the side. And then we literally forget about some songs and ideas sometimes, and I go through every couple of years and just start digging through things that we did crappy little demos of, and I'm like, 'how did we forget about this? This is awesome.'"

That's how Trust Fall (Side B) came to be according to Boyd, with the band reminding each other of past works that fell through the studio cracks. But now they have a life all their own, with the EP available everywhere.

Later this year, Incubus and 311 are set to link up for a summer tour, kicking off in July. You can check out the full talk with Brandon Boyd on our FANDEMIC Instagram Live above.

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