Jimmy Eat World Performs 'The Middle' and Celebrates 25 Years

The band's 10th studio album arrives this week

October 14, 2019

Jimmy Eat World stopped by The Kevin & Bean Show on KROQ in Los Angeles on Friday to talk about their upcoming album, Surviving, and perform their hit classic "The Middle."

Surviving, which will be their tenth studio album, may quickly become the new fan favorite, based on what they've told us. "This is our most rocking album so far... it's a good representation of us playing as a band," says frontman Jim Adkins. "There's still some moody stuff and textural things... but at our core we're a guitar rock band."

As the band prepares for the next chapter, they are also looking back at their 25 years together as a band. They claim to be more surprised than anyone that they still get to do this two and a half decades later, days away from their 10th LP. "In a way that's kind of helped us be a band this long, is I think we've always set realistic goals for ourselves," Adkins adds. "We kind of meet those, and that gives us momentum to try something different and new and that keeps things fun. After a while it's been 25 years as a band," he laughs.

"I think the worst thing that can happen isn't necessarily coming up with something you don't like, it's coming up with something that you think, 'okay that's exactly what we do. That's it guys that's exactly us.' What are you doing then? At this point in our career, it's like, why do more? There has to be a reason for it. There has to be something that you're gaining from it, that has to be something rewarding. Something."

Surviving is available everywhere on October 18. You can check out the performance of "The Middle" above, and much more from the interview with Jimmy Eat World below.