Winery Enlists Adorable Dog for Curbside Deliveries During Coronavirus Pandemic

April 1, 2020

A heroic pup is making sure people get their Pinot Noir safely during the coronavirus outbreak.

Stone House Winery in Hagerstown, Maryland has found a creative way to maintain social distancing by employing an adorable dog named Soda to help deliver bottles of wine to customers at the curb.

Lori Yata is one of the owners of the winery and looked to her 75-pound brindle boxer to help keep employees and customers safe after being forced to transition to take-out only amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

After coming up with the idea, Yata shared the news in a cute Facebook post written as if from Soda himself.

“Hi all, Soda here again,” began the caption alongside two pics of the four-legged cutie. “So, mom has been filling me in on this Covid-19 virus thing and she says that it is REALLY affecting small businesses like our little winery. Mom says that we all have to pitch in and pull our weight, that includes me as well. So, if you are out shopping and have kids in the car, or just want to keep your distance from other folks, give us a call and place your order, I'll try to personally deliver your wine in my nifty new wine saddle bag. Mom thinks of everything!”

In the snaps, Soda can be seen wearing a vest with two pockets that hold one bottle of wine on either side.

Since employing his services, the customer reaction has been overwhelmingly positive.

"Everyone loves the idea and have come as far as Alexandria and Washington D.C. just to see and have Soda bring out their wine," Yata told E!. "This has definitely put some much needed pep in his step during these trying times and smiles on many faces."

Yata also noted that her 11-year-old dog is in great health, only carries two bottles at a time and gets plenty of breaks so as not to tire himself out.

"He has seen me through some pretty down times and has always been there for me," she added. "Once again, he is standing at my side to help, and I am so grateful that God has put him in my life."

Soda isn’t the only pup doing their part during these trying times.

The British animal charity Medical Detection Dogs is working with two universities to see if the canines can be trained to sniff out coronavirus.

Training is set to begin in six weeks and if successful, the dogs would be deployed to airports to rapidly pinpoint anyone infected with the virus and help curtail any further community spread.

Raise a glass to all the amazing dogs keeping us safe!

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