Watch the Extremely Energetic Yungblud Attempt ASMR

Watch the "I Think I'm OKAY" collaborator make strangely calming noises

July 22, 2019

Yungblud, still high off the release of his Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker collab "I Think I'm OKAY," took time to chat with us and... we had him do something unexpected.

British rocker Yungblud is known for his high energy, his booming presence, and his ability to hype up a whole crowd. All of these things are the exact opposite of skills required to accomplish the soothing internet trend of ASMR.

ASMR videos are meant as a calming form of entertainment where people eat food into a microphone, whisper, and make overall satisfying sounds. Granted, he may not be the quietest person we've ever met, but he is surprisingly great at doing ASMR.

Watch him eat Cheetos, pickles, and more for a very special ASMR in the video above!

Yungblud also recently surprised the Vans Warped Tour crowd by bringing out Machine Gun Kelly for a performance of their song "I Think I'm OKAY." He teased that something special was coming during his performance and even flew a plane banner that read "hope for the underrated youth" before bringing out MGK.