Watch The Cure's Entire 'Disintegration' Live Stream Now

The 30th anniversary concert from Sydney, Australia

May 30, 2019

The Cure has wrapped up their memorable 5-show run at the Sydney Opera House in celebration of their signature album Disintegration. The moody alt rock legends have been playing the album in its entirety to mark its 30th anniversary, with the final show being live-streamed to a global audience.

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Thursday’s concert in Australia came bright and early for American audiences, so we’re here to recap what happened.

“Hello,” frontman Robert Smith greeted the crowd after the band walked on-stage. “The first part of tonight’s show is – these songs that were recorded during the Disintegration sessions.”

The Cure played seven B-sides and demos before resetting for the opening track of their 1989 masterpiece. The band took a quick break while the haunting intro to “Plainsong” gained uneasy momentum.

The Cure - Disintegration

1. Plainsong :54:48

2. Pictures of You :59:31

3. Closedown 1:06:48

4. Lovesong 1:11:04

5. Last Dance 1;14:43

6. Lullaby 1:19:57

7. Fascination Street 1:24:40

8. Prayers for Rain 1:29:50

9. The Same Deep Water as You 1:35:37

10. Disintegration 1:44:50

11. Homesick 1:53:13

12. Untitled 2:00:20

With the fading notes of “Untitled,” the band walked off-stage before returning for three encores: “Burn,” “Three Imaginary Boys” and the Wendy Waldman cover “Pirate Ships.”

The Cure will now hit the European festival circuit while we anxiusly await specific details on their plans for North America.