Fall Out Boy Are Being Sued Over Llamas

Apparently they overstayed their welcome

March 18, 2019
Fall Out Boy

Daniel Boczarski / Stringer

Too much of a good thing might have landed Fall Out Boy in llama legal trouble.

According to a lawsuit filed on Friday, the company behind the large llama characters that have appeared throughout videos and on tour with the band, were used without permission. Furry Puppet Studio Inc is behind the life-sized llamas, and they claim that Fall Out Boy was only given permission to use them in their "Young And Menace" video.

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After a turn starring in the sneaky, heartbreaking video, the characters would continue to appear in clips from the band for “HOLD ME TIGHT OR DON’T,” “Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)”, and “Bishops Knife Trick.” They are the sole stars of the video for “The Last Of The Real Ones” as well as appearing as part of the MANIA tour. That's much too much for the folks at Furry Puppet Studio Inc who claims their agreement was for one video. They are now seeking damages totaling millions.

Did Fall Out Boy exploit the llamas, or will the courts say no prob-llama? We'll have to wait to see how the llama drama unfolds. Sorry. We're done. Alpaca it in for today.